About Jake Film Finance

Jarod Stone and Michael O’Donnell established the Jake Film Finance Fund (‘The Fund’) with the specific purpose of providing funds to Australian producers of film and television that are secured against the Australian Taxation Office’s Producer Offset. The aim of The Fund is to provide Wholesale Investors with a strong yield from an alternative fixed interest product.

Founded in June 2013, The Fund’s investment strategy is primarily to provide short term cash-flow financing to film and television production companies secured against the production company’s right to receive the Producer Offset from the Australian Taxation Office upon completion of the production.

The Fund considers positions in film, television and documentary productions, but the initial focus will be feature films where substantial Government equity is already committed. When Government (via Screen Australia) take an equity position, the Producer is compelled to various additional securities such as the requirement to appoint a Completion Guarantor, along with increased reporting requirements that enhance the protection of the lending provided by The Fund. All monies returned by way of the Producer Offset are assigned to The Fund, and are secured by a suite of production funding and security documents.

The Fund believes that the strength and breadth of the Investment Team’s experience allows The Fund to provide investors with a unique offering based on three core values:

  1. Strong yield on investment;
  2. Capital Protection; and
  3. Risk Management.

Jake Film Finance Fund Pty Ltd is Trustee of The Fund and Jake Film Finance Pty Ltd acts as the Investment Manager for The Fund.